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We are able to continue providing inspection services to the public. Here are our recommendations to our member inspectors. They are based on the best information available currently and involve strict distancing and hygiene practices. 

    • We are asking everyone to be out of the home for the inspection. This includes agents, buyers, homeowners and tenants.
    • If you insist on attending, limit your attendance. Please don't bring the kids, parents, contractors, and others.
    • Maintain physical distance of 6 ft from everyone and wear a mask.
    • During the inspection, the inspector will wash their hands frequently using their our own hand soap and towel. 
    • The inspector will use sanitizer wipes to disinfect items that have been touched during the inspection such as faucets, switches. 
    • Inspectors must not attend an inspection if they show signs of a fever or a cough or any other symptoms of illness.
By taking these steps, we want to make sure people can continue to receive the benefits of a home inspection while respecting the current reality of COVID-19.


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APHIS is an organization of individual Home Inspectors whose mission is to support, improve and standardize the Home Inspection profession in Alberta. Members who have met all of our requirements for education and experience earn the designation of Professional Home Inspector - PHI.

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